Your Slimming Noodles of the Summer!


Your New Sunday Funday Meal Prep Noodles!

While I still love me some zucchini noodles during the summer months, I may have another one that I love even better...kelp noodles! They go amazingly well with two summer sauces, pesto and almond/pad thai! Also they are already in noodle form! No need to spiralize!  PLUS, unlike zucchini noodles where you have to consume within 15 minutes of smoothering with sauce, kelp noodles actually taste better the next day! Hecht I designed 2 kelp dishes for the cookbook and the Rainbow Looks, which I didn't enjoy for 4 days after making and they were still so good! They are basically tasteless, like tofu, and will take on the flavor of your sauce and just keep absorbing! So time saved with no spiralizing and can be enjoyed all week makes them a fantastic Sunday Funday meal prep dish! 

Of course they pass NC nutrient requirements.  They are a sea vegetable so full of nutrients, allergen free and 1 oz is only 6 calories! 

Kelp noodles can be found at health food stores and on Amazon.  A bag may cost around $8, but they go a long way and you can use half your noodles for a few dishes and preserve the rest in a container in water in the fridge for a couple of weeks. I think I had some in there for a few weeks and still enjoyed. I have had a lot going on in this little kitchen!

Below are a couple dish ideas. One features the Ironman Pesto Mix from the Rainbow Collection but you could use any pesto version just may not have as much iron...or protein. :)

Have you ever tried kelp noodles? If you have any questions about the kelp noodles please comment in the blog post! 

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