***VIDEO***Smart Meal Prep! My Top 10 Tips to Get it Done....Fast!

My meal prep education began when I competed in figure competitions in my 20s.  To be competitive at the time, you had to have virtually no body fat, meaning my diet had to be super strict.  Leaving no room for error.  If I faltered from my diet it would show and my chances of winning would be slim.  Being that I'm naturally super competitive and didn't want to embarrass myself on stage I put time in the kitchen.  I had to make sure my meals were cooked and weighed ahead of time so I could stick to my eating schedule. 

Even when I would go away for a holiday weekend with friends while I was competing I packed all my meals for the weekend.  So while my friends enjoyed nachos and Kamikaze shots at the Starboard in Dewey Beach, I enjoyed my tupperware of tilapia and spinach. (I would never touch tilapia now!) I was definitely dedicated and the importance of meal prepping was ingrained in my mind.

Although I competed for 7 years, I gained the most experience running my vegan and paleo meal service business, Pump Cafe. Basically being a solo operation, I did everything from recipe design, purchasing, budgeting, to prepping the meals.  I had a small space inside a gym and little equipment to use.  I didn't even have a hood unit!  The first year all I used were slow cookers, a food processor, a blender and of course, my ride-or-die, chef's knife to prepare the meals.  I also worked within a tight budget.  Although I had all these constraints, including the dietary requirements of paleo and vegan which are two of the strictest diets,  I was still able to change the menu weekly, never offering the same one twice. I accurately fulfilled thousands of orders on time while making a profit.  Oh, and I have zero culinary training! 

It was a lot of work, but I'm so blessed with the experience because I learned SO much and now my personal meal prep is a breeze!  And it's time I share with you what I have learned so you too can meal prep like a boss!

Meal prep like a boss=meal prepping effectively and efficiently so it doesn't take away from your weekend restorative time!

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