***Video*** 5 Ways to Prep Ahead & Keep Veggies Fresh All Week Long for 30 min Dinners!

In this video I share five ways you can prep ahead veggies so you can prepare fresh 30 min dinners all week long! 

When it comes to dinners, I much rather invest a little bit of time in the kitchen each night to have my meal fresh and hot, especially now that it's so cold in Maryland!  Occasionally I may prepare a dinner for that night and the following if I have something going on after work the next day, but it's pretty routine for me to cook every night.

A meal right off the stove or oven is so pleasurable to me.  Much more than a microwave, especially since I haven't owned one in over 10 years!  Part of the experience of enjoying a meal to me is smelling its ingredients.  It starts my saliva going which starts preparing my body for digestion.  Plus cooking is therapeutic for me and it helps transition my mind from work to creating things for NutraCouture, spending time with a friend or next leveling my apartment.

My dinners are pretty basic during the week as I'm normally only serving myself.  I don't want to invest a lot of time or energy, but I still enjoy them and they still serve their purpose of nurturing me.  Thanks to prepping veggies ahead on my big meal prep day, I can whip up a Cajun Stir Fry or Lentil Pasta Soup in 30 minutes or less! Even clean up is swift!

Veggies tend to take the longest to prep for a dish because there are more steps for them. You have to wash them, a lot of times peel, and then cut.  But you can't just peel, cut and throw in the fridge because they will spoil. However, there are ways you can store after peeling and/or cutting them that keeps them fresh all week long, and I'm showing you how its done in this video! 

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