Birthday Cake

A cruelty free, color dye free birthday cake for one of my favorite people! 
One of the reasons why I've taken so much time to learn to cook, is to be able to share with the ones I love because I really believe and value in food is medicine.  While I'm so happy to share my recipes and tips, I really love when I can make a dish for someone that is filled with nutrients to help support their well being and they love it!  Last weekend was one of my friend's birthdays who I absolutely adore, and for that I was motivated to make my first cake ever that I would ship! 
Since I was shipping and with no dry ice, I took out the coconut creme I normally put in my cakes and made layer of nuts and fruit.  This is pretty much my NutraBombs in cake form.  My fondant is the icing I developed for the NutraBombs which is a mixture of cashews, coconut and maple syrup.  I naturally colored the water with blue spirulina powder, the leaves with matcha powder, and the flowers with maqui berry powder.  I don't like food dyes because they damage the brain and no way am I going to damage my friend's brilliant mind! The leaves and flowers were cut out with cookie cutters.  I imprinted Happy Birthday Justin with little letter stamps actually given to me by Justin. I wish I could take credit for making those adorable flamingos, but they were purchased.  After enjoying the cake he can place them in his apt!  They're so cute and I had left over to place on my stove to have this connection and memory with him.   I sealed this cake as best I could but some of the flamingos took a nap during the trip, but the cake lasted!  He loved the taste but more importantly it helped show him how much he means to me.  Which is a ton! :)
I could go on and on about my friendship with Justin and how wonderful of a person he is.  This cake may seem like something special, but he has done so much for me.  Our friendship started back in 2007 when we met at a competition and while we've had a couple brief time outs, we are still standing in a very true and trustworthy kinship.   Friends last for reasons, seasons....our friendship is eternal.  He is simply fantastic.  Why some guy hasn't snagged him is their loss! 
I love you JP!
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