Caesar Salmon Burger

Here is the second salmon burger!  For this one I air fried it!  I coated with the same gluten free panko crumbs I used to bind the burger and threw it in my air fryer.  It worked out great, and I love the way it looks! 
While the panko crumbs I used are organic and gluten free, they do have an ingredient I don't like to put in my body, canola oil.  Normally once I see vegetable oils listed as an ingredient I put the item right back on the shelf.  Vegetable oils inhibit oxygen from getting in our cells when they are used in high temperature food processing which is terrible for brain function and causes aging.  However, I've been really curious about panko crumbs and out of all the ones I've been looking at for a few years now, these seemed adequate.  I used them so minimally in the recipe and given they don't make up a majority of this dish I lifted my normal restricitons because I really wanted to test them out.  I wanted to see how they feel and work so I try to come up with my own panko creation!  I'm glad I used them and don't feel bad about it because the rest of this dish is full of brain strengthening wild caught salmon and avocado! 
The yucca burger bun recipe can be found in the previous blog post of the Pad Thai Salmon Burgers.
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