carrot dogs, cashew cheese, tofu chili, pickled jalapeños, yucca bun

I love giving classic dishes a makeover, and with Memorial Day weekend coming up, a hot dog face lift was in order!
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My favorite hot dog memory.
One of my favorite things about food is the memories it creates.   Whether it be from creating memories in the kitchen cooking it or from simply enjoying it.
My favorite memory enjoying hot dogs has to be from my childhood when my father took me and my brother to Oriole games at Camden Yards.  We had lower box seats in the left field.  Perfect viewing to cheerlead on my favorite player, Brady Anderson!  Also known as the man responsible for my affection to sideburns. 
Back then you were allowed to bring bags and food into the stadium.  My mom and dad would cook up some hot dogs, stick them in soft buns, and wrap them in foil for my dad to carry in his backpack to take to the games.  They even packed up my favorite condiment, ketchup!  It was just so neat being at the game and around the 2nd inning, my dad pulling out the home cooked hot dogs from his backpack for all us to enjoy.  It really added to the baseball game experience and day as it created pre game memories as well. 
I wish they would still allow for experiences like this at the games.  More families could go and enjoy the games without taking out a second mortgage on their house.  Calm down there now with the $9 hot dog! 
So that's my favorite memory of the hot dog, which admittedly tugged at my heart strings a little thinking back on it.  What about you? Does this American classic food elicit any nostalgia?  I would love to hear! 
Next post I will be sharing my meal prep dish this week, a southwestern bowl!
Stay safe and b.well,

This dish with all the elements may seem intimidating or overwhelming when first making, so just start with making a chili dog or cheese dog! 
So one of my buns did break, but don't normal hot dog buns sometimes break!?  Plus I don't have some sort of chemical X holding it together!
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