Carrot Miso Cashew Ricotta Chickpea Ravioli

Now this rav....truly rivals Chef Boyardee.  And it's 100% designed with plants.
I gave the ravioli another test run as I wanted to see if I could do it without my manual pasta machine and if I could switch out the psyllium husk for egg to make it more convenient for those without a pantry like mine. It worked!  
This one is still with the psyllium husk powder and the pasta machine because I wanted to video for a FB/IG story, but next post is with the egg and no machine (which is manual anyway)!
The dough comes together really easy and the measurements don't have to be specific.  I doubled the recipe this time and instead of using a measuring spoon to measure out the water I used a liquid measuring cup.  4 tbsp=1/4 cup.  I needed 10 tbsp water so I started with 1/2 cup of water=8 tbsp and it made the dough too wet.  I had a feeling this may happen as measuring spoons are really supposed to be for dry ingredients and cups are for wet, but I wanted to test out as it would be a lot faster with the cup. A note for myself that I will need to be more specific with measuring tools in future recipes.  On a positive note,  I now have a trouble making solution!  If your dough turns out too wet simply add more flour!
I find when you just boil the chickpea noodles they still have the chickpea flour bite.  It's hard to describe unless you've had chickpea flour before, but there's a bite to it that would probably turn someone off if you are use to traditional pasta.  However, the earthy bite can be drowned out with lots of flavor or in this case baking the pasta with the tomato sauce.
CHICKPEA FLOUR (aka Garbanzo Bean Flour)
Nutrient info:
1/4 cup 
2g fat
17g carbs
3g fiber
7g protein!
I learned of this ingredient from Dr. Mark Hyman.  It's been great to use as a binding subsititute to replace eggs.  I'm not against eggs of course, but a lot of us including myself for years have been intolerant to eggs.  The psyllium husk adds a greenish look to the ravioli but does not affect the taste and adds a lot of fiber to the pasta.
The back of the bag states "this high purity powder is one of the best sources of soluble and insolube fiber which helps support intestinal and colon health with healthy stool formation."
You don't want your dough to be sticky.  Just tacky like play dough.  If it's sticking to your parchment paper add 1 tbsp more of chickpea flour at a time.  Basically you want to be able to form in a ball and your hands come out clean with density to it. 
Psyllium Husk Powder (organic and raw): HEALTHWORKS
1 tsp 4g fiber!
Chickpea Flour: ANTHONYS 
Pasta Maker: WESTON Traditional Style Pasta Machine (It's manual))
This is one of those make on the wkds and enjoy all week dishes!  
A few ravs depending on your appetite may just be enough to get you through the afternoon workday or for dinner all you need is pop these in the oven or heat in the cast iron skillet for 10 minutes to enjoy all week! 
Once you do it once.  It gets much faster!
B.Well B.More,
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