It's been 2 weeks since I purchased fresh produce.  I normally buy at least once a week!  The only produce I have in my refrigerator is carrots and cabbage, so I'm officially in quarantine cooking!  
This meal looks nothing like any of the food I've prepared for work since maybe I was in my 20s.  I have shied away from rice because in the past when I ate it, it would make me tired, hence my performance would go down.  But desperate times call for desperate measures and I needed to add more substance to this dish in lieu of all the vegetables that normally fill my office meals.  So I added rice to what started with the idea of being a black bean soup.
I'm not sure if it's because my overall diet has changed or maybe it's how I design my dishes now.  Maybe it's because I'm combining rice with beans not chicken.  Maybe it's my physical activity volume in the morning or maybe it's a portion thing, but I've been enjoying this all week at work and it hasn't put me to sleep!  I'm still lighting my computer keyboard on fire!  Okay maybe if I enjoy a little too much of it I notice a moment of tiredness, but nothing like the Rip Van Winkle I use to experience!  Just watch how much you consume as with everything!
You can add dried rice to a soup and it will cook perfectly!  I feel like that sounds obvious, but with rice having exact measurements and a somewhat anal cooking process I wasn't sure it would turn out if I just poured dried rice into a soup.  Which is literally what I did.  I didn't measure, I just eyed how much I wanted in proportion to the beans and veggies.  As the beans and veggies absorbed the broth I just added more water if I thought the rice needed it.
To make it a soup all I would need to do is add more broth or water, but I decided to keep as more of a stir fry as it would be easier to transport in the containers I was using.
I topped with a homemade apple chip which did lose their crunch in packing with the dish, but I would eat them last which gave me a sweetness to end my meal!
This meal was also less time consuming to prepare and less expensive than my regular meals!  Although I'm kinda missing my kale salads.  Unlike my braces. ;)
Stay safe and b.well,
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