Chocolate Covered Cherries

I LOVE chocolate covered cherries and to make them low sugar and vegan on your own is so easy!  Plus dark chocolate is one of the top finds for the mind!  
Here's the quick steps:
1. Melt chocolate of choice.  You can buy high in cacao chocolate either in a bar or chips.  Go for 74% cacao or above.  If it tastes a little bitter to you, you can add sweetener to it when you melt it.  I used an unsweetened cacao baking bar and added maple syrup when I melted it.  Also remember you will be enjoying with cherries which provide natural sweetness which will help cut the bitterness. 
2. Align sweet cherries, I used frozen, on a parchment lined baking sheet.
3. Pour or spoon melted chocolate over cherries.  If your cherries are frozen the chocolate will start hardening right away.  I would still allow a couple of hours in the fridge to set.  Best to make this Thursday night so you can enjoy Friday night!
Two of my preferred ways to melt chocolate are:
1. In my dehydrator
2. Using a makeshift double broiler:  
I fill a small stove pot with about 2'' of water. Heat up water to medium high heat. Place a bowl overtop with a diameter that about matches that of the pot.  Break off the chocolate bar if using or just pour chips in the bowl.  The chocolate will start to melt as the bowl warms.  I still like to stand by and stir frequently, but as it's starting to heat you can do something like place the cherries on the parchment.  
This isn't something I do while prepping a bunch of other things.  But no worries, it doesn't take that long! The whole process is only around 15 minutes to make chocolates you can feel good about enjoying! Great for your mind and your blood flow! ;)
Happy Valentine's Day!
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