Fiesta Soup: 2 WAYS!

...WITH CHICKEN #glutenfree #dairyfree 
Still working on some recipes to go along with the spice blends I'm gifting my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. Focus is on fast prepping, fast clean up and healthy.  Also trying to cater towards what they like to eat and they LOVE Mexican food.
I was going to make them a Taco Seasoning and a Fajita Seasoning but they are pretty much the same thing, so why take up more of their valuable family of 5 cabinet space.  Making it easy and doing a Fiesta Spice Blend!
Soups are one of the easiest dishes to whip together.  You pretty much just have to throw things in a big pot/dutch oven and away it goes! 
I did a chicken version and a plant based pasta version, because like I mentioned before, plant based pasta is shelf stable so it allows an option if they can't make it to the store or maybe they don't feel like chicken!   
For extra speediness I used frozen vegetables!
I did have to do a Lyndsay though and create some unconventional twist with these "corn chips" but they are completely optional.  You can only take so much out of me! ;)
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