Garden life: Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Green Beans

This is my first year having a garden and I'm really loving it!  The whole process has been very rewarding, although a little stressful at times as I do have a groundhog situation.  

A couple of days ago after a major thunderstorm I went out to weed and to my surprise I had green beans! Most of them still need a few days but I was able to pick a handful.  I sowed (check me out with my farming terminology :))) two different kinds, yellow and green.  I wasn't expecting to have beans so on the fly I thought to blanch them to retain their color and to be able to taste in their rawest form possible.  Then I mixed them with a sun dried tomato pumpkin seed pesto I had just made with basil I grew as well!  No wonder I'm able to run so much now!   All these homegrown fresh veggies I am putting in my body! #farmerlyndsay lol

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