Garden Realness! Garden micro arugula featured in chickpea pasta with oysters, roasted cherry tomatoes, and caramelized onions

My very first dish designed with a veggie I grew myself! 

I feel like this dish looks like worms which is so appropriate! 

For this assembly of the dish as this one doesn't necessarily have a recipe scroll down or click here to download!


I finally have a garden and I can't believe it's taken me so long to put one in!  It's the first time where I had a space to put a garden, I was prepared, and most importantly, my life isn't so chaotic I can actually tend to it.  I was also a little intimidated because a lot of people when you tell them you are putting in a garden react unfavorably, saying it's a lot of work.  Maybe I'm missing something, but it hasn't really felt like a lot of work.  The biggest task so far was shoveling my space, which took me a few days because I did a little at a time and I keep expanding it, but that wasn't even a lot of work.  My garden space isn't huge so maybe that's it, but I really think it's because I love nature and I am focusing on the end result, delicious and nutrient rice veggies! 

Yesterday I had to give my arugula a haircut!  There's a gardening term called thinning.  It's when you remove some of your plants that are sharing the same space to leave enough space and nutrients for one of the plants to grow.  I over seeded (probably a little too much!) as was advised by my gardening mentor at work, so I had a lot to pull, and I was not going to let my micro arugula go to waste!




I pulled ingredients together I already had because I wanted to enjoy soon after I pulled the arugula  I decided on a pasta dish and was one of the best tasting pasta dishes I've ever made!  I also used an ingredient for the first time, canned oysters!  I bought them months ago after learning from Dr. William Li, author of the book Eat to Beat Disease, they were good for your immune system and protection against Alzheimer's. 

From Dr.Li's website he states:

Oyster meat contains proteins, polysaccharides, and amino acids that have powerful antioxidant effects that protect your DNA against free radical damage. Researchers found eating extracts from oysters can reduce DNA damage by 90% and increases the protective antioxidant glutathione by 50%. 

The whole experience of seeding, watering, pulling, cleaning, designing the dish, then eating was better than I could have imagined.  Yet, while I'm very excited about this dish, I do feel as if arugula played as a supporting actress, and I'll be dancing in my cherry boots when I can design a dish with something I've grown as the leading lady!

Anyone else enjoying the fruits of their labor?  I'm thinking of planting some soybeans today!  It's hard to stop once you start seeing some life!

Have a great Saturday! It's warm and sunny and places are starting to open up again! Yay!!

Doing a garden for the first time, trying new foods..continuing to grow and improve feeds my energy and it feels awesome. :)

Stay safe and b.well,


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