How to make Garlic Paste! Video!

Raw garlic needs to be in your life right now and one of the most convenient ways to include it in your diet is by making garlic paste! 
1 clove of garlic has over 100 sulfuric compounds that help reduce infection and bacteria!  It's best to eat it raw as heat inactivates these sulfur enzymes.
Crushing garlic produces allicin which converts into sulfur compounds that help with fighting inflammation.
Garlic paste is a way to enjoy raw, crushed garlic ensuring you are receiving all of garlic's immune boosting power!  Plus it's a huge cooking prep time saver!  Peel all your garlic at one time and have it preserved in a jar in your fridge ready to go for the entire month!  You can enjoy raw with all its health benefits or if just using to add flavor to a dish, use as you would garlic cloves in cooking.
I love using when I make sauces and dips, like pesto and hummus.  I'll add after I cook vegetables and plant based pasta by mixing with extra virgin olive oil to help mix it in.  If you make this I would love to hear how you are using it in your dishes in raw form by commenting below!  
Stay safe and b.well,
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