Ginger Sesame Salmon Spinach Salad

No it's not a filter, this salmon is really this pink! One, because it's rich in the carotenoid Astaxanthin, and two because it's medium rare!
Since I started introducing salmon back in my diet again after an 8.5 year hiatus this has been my preferred way to enjoy it.  I learned to prepare it this way from my brother-in-law who's a chef.  I've only been preparing it on a skillet and baked. This way I like so much more than baking.  
Salmon is what broke my vegan diet,  which is now more like 90% plant based.  I still prefer my plates to be filled with mostly vegetables.  The taste of salmon isn't what broke me but rather how beneficial it is for brain health.  Preserving my brain is my highest priority now when it comes to health due to my family history as well as my desire to perform high.  I did a lot of research before I chose to introduce it into my diet again, and still wanted to see how I felt with it before keeping it in the rotation. 
I have to say I feel good about it.  Who knows if it's coincedental to maybe other things I'm doing differently with my diet or just even my daily schedule, but I know I need my mind working from 5:30am-10pm and it is! I've never had to think so hard at a job with strategy and problem solving then to have to go home to adjust my mind to focus on a side passion.  
Like I said, salmon is probably not the complete reason why my mind is functioning so well, but it is one of the richest sources of omega 3s which the brain loves!  I thought I could get mine from flaxseed, but it's not as absorbable or it doesn't break down like the ones from salmon...I can't exactly remember at this point to be honest.  Something about it that I learned from Max Lugavere author of "Genius Foods" was basically the omegas from flaxseeds aren't as beneficial as the omegas from salmon.  I have to say it was kinda nice to hear because making dishes with salmon is a lot easier than with flaxseeds! 
I'm also not crazy about relying on supplements for my omega 3s due to the nonregulation of the drug and supplement industry and the unsureness how they really will be absorbed in my body.   
It took a few months to really commit, but now I just compromise when I eat salmon by loading my plate with colorful veggies! 
B.Well B.More,
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