Garden Pasta With Creamy Almond Basil Cilantro Sauce

 In Sexy Starts in the Kitchen I mainly used only one fresh herb per dish.  Which was appropriate for the book.  However after Gordon Ramsay stated herbs work better in tandem I decided this had to be part of the next leveling of recipes!

For this dish I used a combination of cilantro and basil (from my garden:)) in the sauce, which is INCREDIBLE!

Some tips:

1. Make sure to use natural almond butter with no added oils if you aren't making your own homemade.

2. You can substitute 1 cup raw almonds for the almond butter.

3. If using the sauce as I have with zucchini noodles, combine the noodles with the sauce and enjoy right away.  You don't want to marinate this one as the noodles will give off water and your dish will be water logged. Yuck.

4. My spiralizer makes angel hair noodles.  If yours makes bigger to soften a bit just stir fry in a little water over low medium heat for 30 seconds-1 minute.

This dish also uses zucchini and cherry tomatoes I grew!  It was absolutely delicious!  

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