Ironman Pesto Bowl

In my last post I shared a video on 10 tips for fast meal prep.  These are tips I learned from running my meal service business, Pump Cafe. I gained a lot of experience running Pump which now makes my personal meal prep a breeze!  
In today's post, I'm sharing one of the popular bowls from Pump, Ironman Pesto!

Every week I changed up the menu to include a paleo and vegan version of each dish.  I designed each dish in a way that the only difference between the dishes was the protein source.  In order to promote Pump I took a picture of both versions of the bowl of the day on an exercise plate and posted to social media with an explanation of how the nutrients in the foods helped enhance athletic performance, as my main target at the time were fitness buffs.

This is how I captioned the Ironman Pesto:

Both pumpkin seeds & hemp seeds are high in readily available iron. Iron allows for optimal oxygen transportation and therefore increases our energy! And pairing with the vitamin C in the lemon juice allows the body to use the iron more efficiently. 

This pesto was so popular I designed a variety of flavors to offer consistency but still variety to keep things interesting.  For the Spicy Ironman Bowl I added jalapeño to the pesto and Ironman Pesto (regular) I used sweet potato noodles.

Meal Prep Tips I used:

1. Low temperature cooking. Chicken in the paleo dish was slow cooked. I would place chicken in my slow cooker the night before I served the dish. No babysitting allowed me time to do other sleep!

2. Consistency. Ironman Pesto was such a popular pesto, I started putting it in the rotation more and changed up the veggies I used for variety. However, I always used it with chicken and quinoa.

3. Shortcuts. Black olives, hearts of palm, and spinach.  Black olives were in a can (I use Lindsay kind of course!-organic has no preservatives). Hearts of palm were in a jar of water.  Spinach was pre washed in a container.  I didn't have to peel or cook any of these veggies! 

No measurements of the bowl contents are given because they don't need to be.  Add as many plants as you want to the bowl and add protein to your requirements!


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