Italian Quinoa

This Italian dressing is so good and quick to make.  The dressing could also be used in pasta, as a chicken marinade, and to dress salads!

This recipe which I made this weekend, is from the Sexy Starts in the Kitchen cookbook.  I love that I actually use the recipes from my cookbook!  The original version did have chickpeas, so feel free to add those for more body and protein.

Scroll down for recipe or click here to download!


Today I saw the edits of the essays in the book for approval.  My editor, Shalee, is so good!  I'm so impressed.  She really knows her stuff.  She was very complementing of my writing, but the essays definitely needed her polishing. 

I'm so happy I'm investing in Shalee to finish the book.  She next leveled it in a way I could never have, and in turn next leveled me!  How neat is that!?!  

Time to harvest some arugula!  

Stay safe and b.well,




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