Italian Quinoa Salad

It has been a minute since I've last posted! Something was going crazy on my site and my pictures started becoming oblong looking, but my editor figured out what was wrong, so back to it.
Speaking of editor, we are moving along on the book and anticipating a holiday release.  Some things were stalled due to the platform I used to create the book.  Ended up being A LOT more work for editing. This past weekend I even had to redo some dishes for the photos!  Which is okay, because the recipes needed a little updating which was a reminder for me how much better I have become.  A little slower at improving due to being self taught and working on around my full time job, but definitely improving.  
I'm really proud of the persistence of both Shalee and myself.  It seems like once we have something completed we hit some more red tape.  I keep thinking she's going to be like this is so not worth it, but she is definitely not a quitter!  It's awesome how much she believes in the book.  Her belief shows in her efforts and persistence. 
If this was happening a couple of years ago I think I might have believed it was a sign that we should not be moving forward, but after all my work in self development, I've come to realize this is actually a good sign.  We are moving out of our comfort zone and next leveling ourselves and that's when sh* hits the fan.
Upon a sermon I listened to this past Sunday I was clarified why this happens. God is pruning us to bear mire fruit.  Meaning this book is going to be something special for both Shalee and I, so we have to go thru this period of hurdles and setbacks to strengthen us so we are well prepared for the amazing that is to come! 
This revelation has given me so much peace, excitement and extra motivation to keep pushing forward.   Most importantly, it's given me grace.  That and the fact I just found out it took Abba 6 months to write Dancing Queen! 6 months of production for 1 song! No wonder it became an ageless hit!
Here is a recipe from the book!  I just love this Italian dressing.  So easy to make, just put a handful of ingredients in a jar and shake! 
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