Mac and Cheese Soup

Recipe #155 of the Sexy Starts in the Kitchen book!
I've been editing away during the holidays while I've also been detoxing my apartment.  I had a few days off of work for the holiday and while I probably could have finished the book if I just sat down and typed, I had an urge to clean out my apartment.  This was a perfect time that I wasn't sure when I would have again to reorganize my place and say good bye to some of last decade's memorabilia. 
The cleaning out actually helped clear my head and writers block too, so finish line is soon. 
I've shared this recipe before but I wanted to retest for the book and get a better photo.  I also had a craving for it when it past by computer screen.
This soup is silky, spicy if you'd like it to be, and filing!  Full of coconut, it's also very hydrating for winter skin.  It makes a wonderful fast and easy dinner! 
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