Does this bowl look sexy or what!?!

In the last few posts I've shared Chickpea Ravioli.  As I want to design for the convenience of any home kitchen, I tried making noodles with egg instead of psyllium husk powder and without a pasta maker. It involves a little more triceps work but you can do it! 


Without a pasta maker you will have to work harder at making the pasta thin.  I rolled out my dough, cut into smaller sections and then worked with the small sections to roll out paper thin.  Chickpea flour is very resilient so it won't break on you when you roll out.  As everything, you will become more confident and aggressive with it as you get a feel for it.  

The first time I made a chickpea flour pasta dough, I nailed it and it was made up on the spot!  That's to share with you how no nonsense it really is. It comes together easily, and the dough involves no precise measurements or crazy kneeding or fancy dough making techniques!

Either with egg or psyllium husk powder the taste is the same!


This pasta too is very filling and it lasts.  I made on Saturday and still enjoying today on Wednesday.  Will probably still be enjoying thru Saturday. 

I'm into this pasta thing now, but will be taking a break for T-Day dishes, but I'm sure I'll be back on this as I looooove pasta and haven't really been enjoying as I'd like to until now! 

As always, any questions/comments post below!

B.Well B.More.,


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