Mediterranean Cucumber Boats from "Sexy Starts in the Kitchen"

Featured in my upcoming "Sexy Starts in the Kitchen" book! 
The first draft of the book is officially done! 
Yesterday my editor sent me over the first draft of the book and it looks so good!  So professional!  The whole book was compressed meaning it will take up less computer space for those who download it.  All the photos, which were taken with my IPhone, are much more clear.  It's come together better than I could have imagined!
I went on Upwork simply to hire someone to format my book for Kindle to having a full blown editor!

I looked over and over the book at least a couple dozen times, but there's something said for another set of eyes, and a professional set at that.  As I end my sentence with a pronoun.  Yeah, I can see why I needed a proofreader.

Something changed inside of me after hiring Shalee.  It upleveled me. I felt more confident and more professional as I was acting like a real author.  I was taking myself and my work seriously.  I was investing in my work.  I believed in my book enough to hire someone.  Most importantly I believed in myself.  This is a big deal for me as I'm unfortunately continually working on a tight budget and not to mention frugal.  Every venture I've pursued I've basically done everything myself, none of which has anything to do with being controlling.  I thought I was supposed to do everything myself and just grind, but from listening to "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero, I learned you operate at a higher frequency when you outsource some of your work and I believe it! 

I look at it now as my responsibility to outsource work as it helps free up my energy so I can perform better and be in a better position to share my gifts.  For years, I've felt like I've been running a hamster wheel.  Continually working, exhausting myself and not getting anywhere.  This had to stop and I believe getting help is the answer.


I would have saved so much time, because as mentioned I looked over the book so many times and created a huge PDF which took months to put together, if I just hired someone from the beginning.  Yet while this bothers me, I can't help but think this book is coming out exactly when it's suppose to.  I have to believe in the timeline He has for me, and I don't think I was in a place of emotional strength before to be able to handle a book release.  I'm now in a place where no matter its acceptance, it's not going to affect my self worth and it's not a mark of my talent. Nor will I let it deter me from continuing to design dishes! 


I have a number of Mediterranean dishes in the book because I love the zesty flavors of sun dried tomatoes, olives and artichokes!  Plus the Mediterranean Diet is revered as one the best diets to prevent against Alzheimer's. 
I used chickpeas as the protein source in the Mediterranean dishes as the book is all vegan, but just like I have mentioned in the book, feel free to swap chickpeas for wild caught fish!
I'm off to weed my garden!  Ok, this is starting to feel more like work now. lol.
Stay safe and b.well,
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