Mediterranean Salmon Burger

The last of my three part salmon burger series!  Annanddd that's pretty much all I have to say. lol.  Today I held my production meeting at my day job which takes a big zap out of my mind energy, plus I have a ton of green beans to blanch! #farminglife
I hope you've enjoyed this little series!  BTW has anyone watched that new Zac Efron Netflix show?  Which going to different countries and learning of ways to live well and share my knowledge, a twist on Anthony Bourdain's show, is like my total dream job.  Anyway, my dad was telling me I have to watch the 3rd episode of him in France.  Something about the bottled water discussion he wants me to see.  Anyone seen in?  Guess I'll have to take a beat from my binging of Married At First Sight.  You just learn so much from those darn experts. :)
Stay safe and b.well,
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