moroccan spiced roasted carrot and beet hummus platter

This past weekend was Covid -19 Memorial Day weekend, which meant home projects!  I finished up my garden and on a whim decided to repaint my living room going from a light grey to a bright hue of blue!  Yes I was a little nervous about it, but I felt the color would give my apartment some positive, simulating energy and it has!

A project filled weekend meant I would be doing a lot of on-the-go style eating.  Inspired by chickpea flatbread I started making last week and can't get enough of, I made two kinds of hummus!  Roasted carrot and beet!

For the recipes, keep scrolling down or click here to download!


I learned about a new spice mix called Ras-El-Hanout.  Which as I'm finding with all spice mixes, everyone has their own version. I used one from Epicurious simply because I had all the ingredients with a slight modification of using grounded instead of whole seeds.  I've come to learn you do get more flavor from whole seeds and I'm thinking possibly nutrients as well, so I'm preparing my mortar and pestle with rice and cold water to use next time!  For now thou, the ground kind worked well and gave the usual hummus a new depth of intensity.

I used the spice mix on carrots and ginger, while I used some of my pickled beets I made back on April 10 in the other half of the hummus.  (I made a big batch of hummus and just halved it.)  I wanted the pretty pink color but I also wanted to provide my body with nitrates to help improve my blood flow and endurance!  


Buy original hummus and just add the beets and roasted carrots to it.

Buy pita chips instead of making the chickpea flatbread.

Use raw bell peppers instead of grilling them.  They would honestly have more structure making them a better dipper than grilled, but the chickpea flatbread can be kinda dense so I wanted to add the bell pepper to them with the hummus to lighten it up.

Use raw cucumbers instead of pickled.  Same deal as with the bell peppers.  They have more structure making them a better dipper but I wanted the pickled flavor.

While there's a lot of elements to this platter, they are all fairly simple recipes.  Still, go ahead and pick and choose what you want to make homemade and what you want to buy at the store!

Well, I'm off to thin out my arugula! 

Any questions/suggestions...favorite brand of storebought hummus please comment below!

Have a great weekend! Stay safe! 







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