Pickling Veggies! VIDEO! #CovidFoodPrep

Pickling veggies is a simple way to preserve your rainbow of veggies all quarantine long!  Well for a month at least! Here's a quick video showing how I pickle asparagus, red onions, cucumbers and beets!  Later I did the same thing with carrots!  I have almost the full rainbow ready to go everyday for a month!

Special note about asparagus.  To make it more tender and to preserve its color you can blanch before pickling.  I choose not to because I cut my pickled asparagus up really small when I use so it being really crunchy doesn't bother me, and also the main reason is raw asparagus is a form of prebiotics according to Dr. David Perlmutter.  Prebiotics are needed for probiotics to thrive, and I'm all about doing anything I can to help my gut health especially now.  The better our gut health the better our immune system! 

Download Recipe straight from my upcoming Sexy Starts in the Kitchen cookbook by clicking here!

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