I only started using pomegranates a few years ago and they have quickly become a Fall/Winter obsession.  Besides glamming up my dishes with the seeds, I love making what I call a Pomegranate Glaze! 
It's my version of Pomegranate Molasses without the sugar.  Just like the molasses, the glaze is made by reducing pomegranate juice.  You can buy the molasses already made, but I rather make this glaze as now that I have my method down and the timing scripted in my mind, it's fairly easy and less expensive.  Plus there's no added sugar or preservatives.
The glaze taste is unique in that it's tart with a slight sweetness which inspires the creation of new sauces with it, although most of the time I just love it on it's own because I don't like to alter its gorgeous color. 
I transformed the glaze into a Pomegranate BBQ Sauce which led to the design of these fish tacos.  It's one of my favorite BBQ sauces I've ever made! 
The sauce pairs well with salmon, but I imagine it would go well on anything that tastes good with bbq sauce!
Pomegranates are a rich source of antioxidants.  They are referenced as a healing food in the Bible!  By concentrating the seeds to make the glaze, you will receive more of their goodness in less bites and without the added sugar that you'll commonly find in store bought juice and molasses. Antioxidants help prevent free radical damage in the brain.  Combine these with the Omega 3s from the salmon and you have some brain protective tacos right here! 
1. Buy tortillas or sub in lettuce for the tortillas.
2. Buy Pomegranate Juice and reduce it down.  I have never done this but seen some recipes that have.
This color is evvvvverythang! 
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