Creamy Pumpkin Chickpea Spaghetti with Umami Mushroom Slices and Cranberry Sauce




These past few years I've been doing a lot of spiritual and personal development training  I still don't have the meditation down, although I like to consider my walks meditative, but through consistent practice and continual learning every day, I've been able to change my way of thinking and adopt new positive mindsets.  So much so they are becoming second nature.  

Just yesterday I was driving home from work and experienced unusual heavy traffic.  Normally this would bother me because I was on a mission to work out before I hit starvation central.  Instead I looked at it as an opporunity to listen to one of my audiobooks.  More so to learn how to play it from my car.  After mashing a few buttons I figured it out!  I can't believe after having my black Beetle convertible for 6 years I finally figured out how to play my phone through it's speakers!  I can listen to non radio talk music now!  I would never have learned this if it wasn't for being in traffic and the only reason why I thought to do it was because I instantly thought to myself "every setback is an opportunity."  It took me an hr to get home and I had to change up my work out plan, but I didn't even care!  

This is a small story and as I like to keep my posts short especially as my head is fried from editing before sunrise this morning and double checking jobs at work, is all I have tonight on this but there will be more on this topic as I've been doing a lot of work on mindset training.  It is working and I believe it is a perfect compliment to healthy eating for living well.


I think a lot of us may think of the taste of pumpkin pie when we hear the word pumpkin.  That's all in the spices and this sauce taste nothing like that so no worries! It more so gives the sauce a creamy base while adding fiber and Vitamin A! 

I topped it with the "Meaty" Mushroom Topping from the Sexy Starts in the Kitchen book for a umami flavor and added a side of Cranberry Sauce.  The Cranberry Sauce was not expected to appear in this dish but I had some prepared and I wanted that color on this plate!  The tartness from the cranberry sauce adds another depth of flavor and just works! Plus it adds Vitamin C to help assist with building collagen!  

The cranberry sauce is so easy to make.  No cooking involved! Just de thawed frozen berries, blended with dates for a little extra sweetness and red wine vinegar!  The sauce is so bold you only need a little to add punch! 

With layers of flavor, a "meat" like consistency from the mushrooms, and a healthy dose of all the macros this is a satisfying all plant dish. 

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