Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Latte Pancakes!

Okay, so I rarely make pancakes.  Not because I don't like 'em cause I do, but it's a weekend thing and I'm usually more vibing with a Bloody Mary.  Yet when they aren't so sweet and can be eaten as more an afternoon dish I'm totally on board.


Pancake making can honestly be such a bitch.   Which is why I don't do it often.  I mean why would a single lady without any kids go through the trouble of making pancakes?  The answer: I don't!  But there are some wkds that might creep up where I'm feeling a day in...football in the background...maybe a Bloody in hand...where I'm feeling some cakes.  And I don't make mine super sweet so they can be enjoyed all day long! Even use them as sandwich buns! 

 Food Science 

These cakes do include tofu (soy) so before you go crazy...in the "Eat to Beat Disease" by Dr. William Li, He states "Soy photoestrogens actually act as antiestrogens in humans, interfering with the ability of estrogen to fuel certain cancers." The issue with soy causing breast cancer or any other health issue was debunked with this book in my eyes.  Yet again, not a health claim here. 
Better Body, Beauty and Mind
Pumpkin nutrient breakdown is amazing!  Per 1/2 cup 10 g carbs and 4 grams of fiber!!! 
I did use canned and organic.  In order to bake with pumpkin you need to find a specific pumpkin which my local grocery store didn't have.  It would add a considerable amount of extra time too (45 min-1 hr) which I wouldn't have minded since I knew as everything made with fresh ingredients would taste better and these are weekend dishes.  
The toppings I used are all optional, you could simply use maple syrup! You just wouldn't get all the mind benefits as you would from the walnuts, cacao and coconut. 
I don't make my pancakes very sweet. I only added 1 tbsp maple syrup to the mix and it made this huge stack plus 5 more that I might have eaten before this pic was taken. :) Hard to resist. 
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