Raspberry Vinaigrette Bowls! #MealPrep

Quarantine Friendly Meal Prep!
1. Full of healthy nutrients! It's full of immune boosting antioxidants and free of immune harming toxins. Raspberries alone are full of Vitamin C!
2. Lots of pantry items! The dressing is designed with all pantry items except lemon juice, which if you don't have you could always use more of the vinegar, and ginger paste which is something I had already prepared.  You just process fresh ginger with a tad bit of extra virgin olive oil.  You store in a jar and it stays fresh all month long! Also ginger is highly anti inflammatory! 
3.  Produce that doesn't spoil quickly! The produce used, carrots and cabbage, stay fresh in your fridge for a week or 2!  They don't spoil fast which is the kind of produce that is quarantine friendly!
Recipe note:
I ran out of honey so I only used 2 tbsp making my dressing more tart than sweet.  Make it to your liking because honey is very good for the immune system as well! 
No microwave needed!  Perfect for when you don't have time to heat up or when you are just trying to stay away from more radiation!
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