"Give me a sista, I can't resist her. Red beans and rice didn't miss her"...that song starts running thru my head everytime I go to edit these pics and write this post.  Love the song Mixie, but I need it to exit.   Let's get this done... short and spicy.
I had a pretty much last minute idea to gift my brother and sister-in-law some homemade spice blends. Store bought spice blends usually have some caking agent or some nastiness that not only makes them unhealthy, but also ruins the dish's flavor.  Jimmy and Mika like to eat healthy and cook regularly, but they also are limited on time because they both work and are hands on parents to my niece Ayana (5), Hiro (almost 3), and Kenji (1).  Having premade spice blends on hand saves a lot of time, plus it can help inspire dinner ideas.
I also thought to include some recipes that use the spice blends.  I don't do much family style cooking at all, if you can't tell, so I'm creating new dishes.  I'm not expecting these to be for the kids, I'm just focusing on Jimmy and Mika.  I want them to be healthy, fast and convenient. 
Jimmy and Mika aren't vegan, nor do they follow any specific "diet",  and I have more dishes on the way that aren't vegan.  However beans are very affordable and something you can keep in your pantry for months so this offers an idea when they can't make it to the store.
1. Crockpot!  Don't need to be in the kitchen while it cooks!
2. No need to soak your beans!
3. Using frozen cauliflower rice instead of pulsing fresh cauliflower! 
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