Roasted Sweet Potato Cornbread Chestnut Stuffing Soup


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  My family was dispersed this year, so there was no dinner but I still enjoyed my holiday as I received a Facetime from a friend who I haven't talked to on the phone for 2 years! 

It completely made my day as he was my bestest friend, the kind you trust with your soul bestie.  He knows alllll the skeletons and my non perfection closet's bones could feed a football team of Great Danes!

We had a falling out a couple of years ago.  A time when my spirit was low from the slow knee healing among other things, and he was having frustrations with his job.  He would put his energy into helping me and I didn't think that was fair to him.  I never wanted to lose him as a friend but I didn't really fight for the friendship because I care about him so much.   As my spirit was low my self love was low as well, and he deserves better in a friend.  I just had to trust that our friendship was strong enough that we would reconnect when we were both in a better place.  Sure enough it has happened. :)  

We picked up as if we never left off!  There was no how you been or apologizing or explanations, we just went on normal everyday chatter like nothing ever happened.  We have been messaging back and forth a little and I think us knowing each other so well, we didn't need to talk about it.  I guess that's what happens when you build a friendship as we did for 10 years. 

They say you have friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Although I've always felt like Justin was a lifetime friend, I'm not sure what our status is now.  I'm just so grateful to have him back in my life. So yes, this made my Thanksgiving. :)


The day after Thanksgiving I recommend blending up soups!  Blended food aids digestion as it is broken down.  Anything you can do to aid your digestive system the next day after eating a lot is really helpful to bring energy back! 


In a small stove pot, add mashed roasted sweet potatoes.  Turn heat on low medium and add vegetable broth till you have the desired thinness you want.  Stir to combine as you do this.

Allow to cool till there isn't any steam then pour in a blender and blend till smooth. 

Pour in a bowl. 

Heat up your stuffing in a warm oven.  I used my Cornbread Chestnut Stuffing. Top it over your sweet potato soup.  Garnish with parsley.  Parsley is naturally detoxifying so don't skimp on this step! 


This is the only time of the year I've been able to find organic sweet potatoes at the local grocery and despite them costing a little more I always go for them.  They are sweeter and super orange inside!  I mean look at the brightness of this soup!  To me the more color means the more nutrients! 


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