Rutabaga Cakes with Basil Tofu Cream Cheese, Cilantro Oil and Gochujang Ketchup

One of my Avant Gardeisque dishes! 
Although I still desire to be able to create the classics that take training and technique, I do love that my mind is able to think out of bounds to create original dishes like this one that uses rutabaga in a very unconventional way.
Rutabagas are a cruciferous root vegetable.  In the past, lacking ideas I just made fries and soup with them.  They make excellent fries btw.  They look just like and have the consistency of potatoes, just slightly sweeter.  I had the idea to do them like I did my spaghetti squash cakes and simply grated, mixed with egg and baked to make these pancakes! Did my usual architecture of toppings and as soon as I stopped taking pics I took a bite and couldn't stop! 
Bonus....rutabagas are high in Vitamin C!  Something we need to keep on rotation in our diet to keep our immune system high to help prevent from sickness.  We all know what I'm talking about.
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