Shrimp Spring Rolls with Orange Sweet Chili PB Dipping Sauce

I was inspired to make this dish after loitering around the international aisle and finding these Vietnamese brown rice spring roll wrappers made by Star Anise Foods!
Although I pretty much sprint around the grocery store, I'll pump the brakes to cruise the int'l aisle as it always has new swag.  I may take 5-10 min here as I have to really take my time looking at the products as a lot of them have been manipulated by chemicals but not these wrappers! 
What I loved about these wrappers:
1. An ingredient list of non processed whole foods: brown rice, cassava flour, organic green tea and salt.  
2. No need to cook anything.  Sometimes not cooking is so nice. 
3. 2 wrappers is only 62 calories 14 g carbs, and no sugar!  While calories isn't my bag, I do still like to look at macros and sugar.
These aren't for meal prep as the spring rolls don't hold up very well, but you can prep all the ingredients ahead and just assemble when you are ready to enjoy! 
And for a vegan version....
use pressed EXTRA FIRM TOFU instead of shrimp! 
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