southwestern rice and beans, avocado lime sauce, cashew cheese sauce

All you need is beans, rice and Jesus Christ!  Okay I know it seems like I've been making a lot more rice and bean dishes but I bought a ton of rice in prep for quarantine and beans go so well with rice, which are also a great quarantine pantry player.  They also happen to be incredibly inexpensive and healthy.  Now the challenge is to keep them interesting! 
For the recipe keep scrolling or click here to download!
I don't have a rice cooker and no plans on buying one simply because I have no space.  However my bestie Justin is whipping up some crazy sh*# with his so who knows if I may end up purchasing one in the future, but for now I do all my rice cooking in my stove pot. 
Upon watching another Gordon Ramsay video in his cookery series he shared how to make the perfect rice.  Key is don't take the lid off of the pot!  You place your rice and water in the pot. (I use a 1 cup dry rice, 1 1/4 cup water ratio) Lid on. Turn up the heat.  Once it comes to a boil, turn down heat to simmer.  Let it cook for 8-10 more minutes.  So far it's come out great every time!
I had some cashew cheese sauce leftover from the Chili Cheese Carrot Dogs which inspired me to make a southwestern spin on rice and beans to use the rest of it.  I also used some of the avocado lime sauce from the freezing meal prep video.  I froze it over 6 weeks ago and it's still good!  
My Memorial Day Weekend is shaping up to well....look exactly like my normal weekends!  No beach this year, but given the rainy cool forecast I'm not mad about it.  One thing new though is I will be tending a garden!
Given my love of veggies I've been wanting to have a garden for a long time now but procrastinated on it because I wasn't organized in life enough.  Now that I am organized and have someone I work with to help guide me through the process I finally am doing one!  Doing one as meaning I still need to sow it.  Which I'm doing today!  It took me awhile to shovel and rack my space, then the weather took a turn for the cold again, but today is the day!  Bought some pepper and tomato plants yesterday as it's too late to start from seeds, have cucumber, green bean and zucchini seeds, and I have my garden layout thanks to my co worker.  Have my new cherry red gardening boots...I am ready! 
While I'm a little anxious about being able to grow veggies, I'm enjoying the process so far so in my mind anything that brings joy and energy is a success already! 
Anyone else tending a garden this year?  Seems like the perfect year to do one!  If you have any tips I would love if you'd share! 
Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!
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