Spicy Creole Vegetable Soup with Spaghetti Squash Dumplings

For years I didn't eat soup because it never filled me up and I just thought it was kinda boring.  Crackers help, especially oyster crackers..love those things, but I started abstaining from Townhouse after college.  Since soup bored me I didn't design any soup recipes until about two years ago when I really started craving hot broth.  I also finally figured out how I could kick the plain jane out of them.

By being innovative with the toppings! 

Soup is really as simple as cutting up veggies and throwing in a pot with water or broth, but I realized I could design some pretty neat things for it's curb appeal that would also give the soup more life and texture! 

For this soup, I created Spaghetti Squash Dumplings!  Simply mix spaghetti squash noodles and egg and bake!  They added a little somethin' somethin' to the dish as well as brain strengthening choline from eggs! 


Still cute without the dumplings!


But dumplings make it extra!



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