Spicy Lentil Burmese Soup



While I love to be really innovative in the kitchen and invent something crazy, I also like to simplify recipes that excite me.  I look for ways to sub unusual ingredients with more common ones and for ways to take steps out of the process.  Maybe my version might not taste the same as the original, but it takes less effort and I still really enjoy what I make! 

Right now I'm big into hearty hot soups to have at night.  I like mine thick so when I found this Burmese Samusa Soup recipe in Food and Wine magazine that was thickened by chickpea flour I had to give it a go!  I normally thicken my soups with tomato paste, coconut or tapioca, so this way of using something with more protein to thicken really had me intrigued and curious.   


1. I used cumin powder instead of seeds.

2. I used brown mustard seeds instead of black.

3. I used dried red jalapeños instead of small chiles de arbor.  Which by the way whenever something calls for dried chilis or peppers, most of the time I will use my dried red jalapeños because I could only buy in a big bag so I'd rather use them than spend more money.  They seem to work fine.

4. I used garlic paste instead of finely chopped garlic. (garlic paste is such a time saver!)

5. I used regular chickpea flour instead of toasted.

6. I used frozen tamarind paste instead of tamarind pulp.  Which if you don't have tamarind, the author suggests using lime juice instead.  I still think it would be good with the lime instead of tamarind.

7. I used red potatoes instead of russet.

8. I didn't add garam masala because my printed out copy missed it.

9. I added kale because I always look for ways to add green.

Okay, so now that I'm typing this up I realize I made a bunch of changes! But let this be a lesson to you that it's okay to swap out ingredients! 

The chickpea flour can sometimes have a bite to it but with the spice from the jalapeños you couldn't taste it.  It still is somewhat of a more earthy tasting soup if that makes sense.  I think though lentils in dishes always seem to taste pretty earthy.

I like having this for dinner not for lunch because it is filling and it helps put me in a relaxed state.  Although lately it's been hard to sleep from excitement of the book almost done! Yay!

B.Well B.More,



You could also top with cabbage for more crunch!


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