Natural colored icings designed with children's brains in mind. 

Years ago I made beet powder in my dehydrator which I used to make pink frosting. Actually I use to sell it on here! When NC was all about spices! Unfortunately it was a little difficult to scale, but now there are companies who make them in batches.  Can I spot a food trend or what? ;)  There are actually all kinds of superfood powders available that add natural color to dishes! 

I still used powdered sugar for the icing but these are a "better than food" and I don't think its necessary to cut every corner.  I would much rather see a child or any of my friends actually consume a bit of sugar than red agent #4. Sugar in moderation can be burned and if paired with fats won't affect our insulin level as much whereas with food dyes any amount is toxic and cannot be burned off. 

The powders are freeze dried or raw so they maintain all their benefits.  A lot of these foods are fantastic for children and the powdered sugar basically masks the flavor!  Although I think they are delicious especially the ceylon cinnamon and cranberry powder. The wheat grass one might be a stretch...

An idea for children, maybe you could take the powder out of the bags put in bowls and label them something more fun.  Like instead of Maqui Berry Powder maybe it's Galaxy powder or Princess Jasmine...Ceylon Cinnamon is Princess Bella...Blue Spirulina is the chic from Frozen...I'm thinking in terms of princesses because my 4 year old niece loves them! Or make them even more silly so they are more fun to say! Hot Diggity Dog! Jingle Jingle Jingle! Santa got ran over by a reindeer! Do do do! get the idea..

The glitter too is edible and this pic does not do their sparkle justice! 

Here is a display of all the powders I used. In the squeeze bottle is the coconut creme. The coconut creme may drive you a little crazy. I cut the tip off of my squeeze bottle to make it bigger but sometimes things still get stuck.  When you feel the creme getting stuck in the bottle try to squeeze thru the clog on a separate wax paper sheet. 

These are not gluten free. I use a special organic powder from Italy. In Europe they do not allow GMOs and I don't believe this flour is inflammatory for those without a gluten allergy. They report that even some with Celiac's disease can handle, but please don't take my word for it! 


Upon writing this my very particular dad had one of the gingerbread men and he said it was delicious! 


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