Sunrise Soup

Having a blended dish as your first meal of the day in the summer has a number of benefits.  It's easier on your digestive system helping you feel and stay energized, and it helps you become hydrated!  Fruit contains water and you usually add water to whatever you are blending so lots of opportunities for hydration. 
Personally, a smoothie has never cut it for me.  No matter how fibrous and low sugar I make one,  smoothies have never filled me up.  In fact, they would make me more hungry!  I think I need to be able to bite into something to feel full and satisfied.
A fruit soup is the perfect solution!  You can have the benefits of the blended foods being easier on your digestive system as you break your fast and you can add cut up fruit so you have something to chew on to help feel full and to slow down your eating! 
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