Campfire Soup! Turmeric Veggie Soup with Sweet Chili Parsnip Crisps.



Recycle parsnip peel scraps by turning into a crunchy soup topping! 

There's a new series on Netflix called Next in Fashion.  Basically an English version of Project Runway.  I love watching any kind of show involving design and artistry.  The fashion designers are so talented. One of the challenges was to create a denim look.  The one designer, Daniel, is an advocate for climate awareness and being denim isn't very environmental friendly, he collected the other designers' scraps to help create his looks.  His unique denim dress and trench coat were brilliant which made even the guest judge Tommy Hilfiger gasp.  

Whenever I make a dish I try to do the same with food scraps because I hate wasting food especially when I have a bunch of it.  Upon make this dish I had 3 lbs worth of parsnip peels that when I motioned to throw away I had to pause. There was so much of them I just had to figure out how I could use them.  

I had the idea to bake them to see what would happened. I did them just like I do my potato fries.  I soaked them in salted water for 30 minutes. Allowed them to dry then baked them in a light coating of extra virgin olive oil.  They came out crunchy! Perfect for the soup I was creating to add that texture. Their taste is a little bity but the drizzle of the sweet chili sauce throws the edge off. 


Unlike Daniel's designs which you couldn't tell were denim scraps, I suppose you can kinda tell these are in fact peels or something you would pick from your backyard, hence it's given nickname Campfire Soup. Sometimes I'm able to trick the eye with my use of ingredients in a dish, sometimes it's pretty obvious what it is but I've never seen parsnips utilized this way and that is a win for me.  That and no waste! 


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