Creole Red Beans and Rice Balls with Sweet BBQ Sauce

Although my mom wasn't much into cooking, there were a few dishes she made that I absolutely loved! One being her Sweet Meatballs!  The only time I ever really enjoyed eating red meat!  It was the grape jelly sauce that made it!
I'm not calling this version meatballs because I don't want anyone going in thinking they are going to taste like meat because these 100% don't.  Nothing like putting false hope on the palette.  But they are still incredibly flavorful, full of veggies, and the sauce that only contains three different ingredients is everything! 
A little of the sauce goes a long way!  Too much can actually be a little too sweet, but just the right bit and you're going to down these! 
Products used:
Nature's Promis Organic Concord Grape Fruit Spread
I feel like these could pass for real meat balls!  Their look that is!
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