Mini Taco Cups

Now that I have my own method to press tofu that works:
1. Wrapping in a paper towel then in a high absorbent dish towel. 
2. Place in my fridge with one of my stoneware dishes on top to allow to press out the water overnight.
It's allowed my mind to be open to be more creative with it!
Last month I had the idea to make it in a way to resemble ground beef so I Googled to see if anyone else had prepared it this way.  That's how a lot of my product development starts.  I'll come up with an idea or a combination of a dish then see if it's been done.  If I find a way that fits my checklist or close to as far as preparation I will try their way or close to it.  I will make it my own after I go through a test run or when I figure out I don't have all the original ingredients.
I've been loving tofu this way and it's already inspired a number of different dishes!
It has the look and texture of ground beef which was what I was going for.  I mean, you wouldn't know this was tofu right?! 
While it doesn't taste like ground beef I add tamari to it so it does have a umami taste like meat.  So please don't go in on this recipe thinking it's going to taste like the store bought frozen meatless crumbles.  It doesn't at all, but then again, it doesn't have preservatives either. :)
It's pretty easy to do, you basically just press tofu, mix it with a few marinade ingredients, crumble it up and bake!  Today I'm sharing a dish I designed by using taco ground tofu!  
I really wish tofu sounded more sexy...
When I prep tofu for the week it lasts all week.  Obviously it's not enough for everyday, but I do have 2-3 times during the week.  This also monitors how much I'm eating.  I'm definitely okay with having soy in my diet, but I still like to enjoy in moderation.  All in all, I like to rotate my protein sources.  Keeps things interesting for my mind and my body. ;)
B.Well B.More,
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