Mango Cacao Black Bean Tacos

I just love enjoying mangos in the summertime!  Here I matched this Vitamin C rich fruit with my Cacao Black Beans to...

Mediterranean Cucumber Boats from "Sexy Starts in the Kitchen"

It's cucumber season!  One of my favorite and unique ways to enjoy cucs are by turning them into boats!  You can eat ...

Pickling Veggies! VIDEO! #CovidFoodPrep

Pickling veggies is an easy way to preserve your fresh produce all quarantine long!  Well for a month at least! I hav...

Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches

Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches designed for a quarantine Easter! Only 5 ingredients and most you have already in your ...

Spicy Creole Vegetable Soup with Spaghetti Squash Dumplings

Making dumplings out of spaghetti squash noodles and egg to add some extra to a  spicy creole soup!

Chocolate Covered Cherries

VALENTINE'S DAY CHOCOLATES THAT YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT! I LOVE chocolate covered cherries and to make them low sugar...

Ginger Sesame Salmon Spinach Salad

A dish designed to keep your mind working in overtime! #omegas #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #mindhealth

Creamy Pumpkin Chickpea Spaghetti with Umami Mushroom Slices and Cranberry Sauce

A short story on adopting the new postive mindset "every setback is an opportunity!" A creamy spaghetti with layers o...


HIGH PERFORMANCE TACOS!  Rich in antioxidants from pomegranates and omega 3s from wild caught salmon, these tacos hel...

Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash with Chickpea Gnocchi

MAKEOVER MEAL!  Use the same chickpea dough from last week's ravioli and make gnocchi instead! Plus a brief discussi...
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