Left swipe the burger, but yass on the fries!  I've never been a red meat girl thus burgers never did anything for me, but fries have always been one of my favorite things to eat! 
Drive thru situations when I was young minus my 7th grade year when I did have a moment of cheeseburgers, were always a coke and biggie fries with lots of ketchup!  At times I made what I thought was my own special sauce out of ketchup and mayo.  Turns out it's common, but goes to show my kitchen instinct was always there!  After I made the saffron mayo, I thought of one of my young culinary mastermind creations and wanted to replicate. 
For a grown up version added some jalapeño to the  mix, and this was a perfect Sunday grazing day eats!
I made the waffle fries from the Sexy Starts in the Kitchen book.  If you don't have a mandoline, simply cut up a russet potato into fry shape and follow the same steps.  Homemade baked fries taste just as good if not better than drive thrus! 
Scroll down or click here for the downloadable recipe! 
Hope you are staying well!

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