Do NutraCouture products contain gluten, MSG, or other additives or preservatives?

Not now, not ever. Those toxins make us age...yuck. 

Do NutraCouture products contain GMO ingredients?

Absolutely not.

What is the shelf life of the Bombs?

The bombs are all singly packaged in moisture vacuum sealed bags & suggested to keep in fridge. Although they can be easily traveled with without fridge for the day without worry! They are all freshly made! Will last a month in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer! 

Quality (Returns) Policy

NutraCouture (NC) aims to provide the highest standards of quality, at all times. If any product reaches you in a spoiled condition, and we agree that it has, NC will, at your request, refund the value of that product to you providing you send the product back to NC for evaluation. If you wish to discuss any quality control issues please contact me at lyndsay@nutracouture.com

Delivery Policy

If you have been charged for any product which hasn’t been delivered, NC will, at your request, either re-send that product or refund the value of the product to you.

When are products shipped?

For the Seasonal Collection Sample Boxes: 

To keep the snacks fresh, they are made to order.  Handcrafted on Saturday and Sunday shipped out on Mondays.

Orders received by Friday 5pm are guaranteed to be shipped on Monday. Orders received Friday 5pm-Sunday, might be shipped on Monday if enough ingredients are in stock, otherwise they will be shipped out the following Monday. 

For the NutraBombs:

To keep the NutraBombs fresh, they are made to order.  Handcrafted on Mondays and Tuesdays and shipped out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Orders received on Monday are shipped on Tuesday. Orders received on Tuesday before 5pm are shipped out on Wednesdays. Orders received Tuesday after 5pm-Monday are shipped out on Tuesday. 

How can I preserve the flavor and quality of my spices and seasonings?

Although they are shelf stable heat tends to cause moisture in the jar & can cause clumping, so best stored in refrigerator or a cool, dark area. 

How many servings are in each jar? 

This is an individual thing, but being the spices are very potent & complex you won't have to use a lot. It's highly reasonable 1 jar will last you 1 month.

How many cloves of garlic are in each jar?

One bulb of garlic generally yields 2.15 tbsp of powder. One bulb usually contains 10 cloves. So for the garlic powder you have about 22 cloves of garlic & for the blends you have 16 cloves of garlic. 

What is the best way to use the spices?

To retain their nutritional benefits, its best to eat them raw. A lot of times spices are added during cooking to enhance their flavor. Because of the way NC spices are made, they still will give you all the flavor you would receive if you roasted, boiled, stir fried, etc with them. Add them right after a meal is cooked, sprinkle on your salad, or if you still want to cook with them as for use in a marinade or rub, simply sprinkle on more after done cooking.  


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