Planted Not Buried

When your life is darkened by heartbreak, loss, failure, shame, you feel lost with no way out of the wounds. You feel buried, but you're not. You are planted. Planted for transformation.


Life Lessons from Preparing our Garden’s Soil & Greek Zucchini Cups with Olive “Dirt”

Designed from the valuable life lessons preparing a garden's soil teaches us. Live cooking video can be found at NutraCouture's facebook page.


Bougie Burger Bar

This burger bar is fancy, but it's designed purposefully fancy. Free of toxins, and full of antioxidants to help mitigate any bbq damage. Use these plant based toppings on any kind of burger!


The Must-Have Recipe for Picnic Season!

You must have falafels in your entertaining recipe box for the summer. They make a beautiful presentation on the picnic table and they are naturally vegan and gluten free to satisfy all your party guests dietary needs!


Two Anti-Aging Ways to use Zucchini in your Recipes

Zucchini season is here which means it's fresh and plentiful, and there's so many more ways you can use it other than as a pasta noodle stand in! Due to its somewhat plain Jane flavor and its composition, zucchini is incredibly versatile. Their function in these recipes is not to add flavor or even texture.… Continue reading Two Anti-Aging Ways to use Zucchini in your Recipes



Like a Met Gala outfit, this lasagna does take some time to assemble, but what a lasting impression it makes! With over 20 different foods, it feeds a variety of bacteria helping our gut thrive! With it's beauty and boldness, our mind is happy helping to keep us from bad food temptations!